Edward Snowden: the first month in Russia - "sorely, sorely" and "glassful."

It has been exactly a month after I received temporary asylum in Russia. I'm waiting for his father to think about a plan of action together. In my spare time I teach Russian language.

How do you feel?
Edward Snowden. Now everything is normal - I come to you.
What are you reading?
Edward Snowden. The first book, which I gave to the Russian land, called "Hornbook signs". I read the Russian classics in English. Like Dostoevsky and mores of his time. Soon bring Tolstoy. I want to understand the Russian traditions and customs.

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What words did you learn Russian?
Edward Snowden. I can already say "sorely, sorely" and "glassful."

Did you see a psychologist?
Edward Snowden. No, no psychologist with me does not work. It is enough that I spend time in normal circumstances, have access to the Internet. I think that today I do not need a psychologist.

With regard to surveillance and pressure, you feel safe in Russia?
Edward Snowden. I certainly understand the level of risk that exists today. The conditions in which I am, they are acceptable from the point of view of security.

Do you have the finances?
Edward Snowden. Almost no money. There are organizations that collect money now, but everything is in the technical and organizational aspects. Such is the situation.

What are your plans for the future?
Edward Snowden. Today comes a lot of job offers, including the popular Russian network "Vkontakte", but so far I have not decided. We need to talk with my dad, and then decide about the future.

You communicate with his father and other relatives?
Edward Snowden. I communicate with my father, with my mother and sister. We are in active correspondence, but I would not want to disclose the details - it's a personal life.

You keep within the four walls?
Edward Snowden. Of course not. I travel, I go, Seeking. Interested in what is happening in the world.

How do you react to the recent actions of the British and American authorities, who were trying to influence the The Guardian and The New York Times?
Edward Snowden. I am outraged by this behavior. After all, when we talk about human rights, then, of course, such an action on the part of the United Kingdom and the United States suggests that the interests of the state or, as they say, national security - above human rights. It is absolutely unfair and wrong. If, in respect human rights and to conduct some activities and if the state has a claim to it, it must be solely under the law. There must be a court order, etc. But this is not happening.

How do you feel about the events in Syria?
Edward Snowden. No surprises. The military plan defines the actions of the President of America, Barack Obama. Thought of everything and decided without him.

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